Click and Book‘s Expedition at FITUR 2024 was full of expectations that were eventually surpassed. We embarked on a thrilling journey at the conference, engaging with a multitude of partners and potential collaborators.

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Unveiling FITUR 2024 – International Tourism Fair

1. Record Attendance

FITUR 2024 witnessed an unprecedented surge in attendance, boasting a remarkable 250,000 visitors and exhibitors. This significant uptick marked a promising trend for the event.

2. Sectoral Dynamics

The conference landscape was notably shaped by the prominence of technology, with dedicated sectors reflecting this growing trend. Understandably, the majority of participants hailed from Spain, forming the event’s focal point.

3. Global Presence

While Europe and Asia held a relatively smaller space, their representation was robust, featuring influential players who contributed to the anticipated and dynamic atmosphere of the conference.

4. Bustling Stands

Stand after stand, the energy was palpable. Unscripted encounters dominated the landscape as the booths were consistently teeming with activity. For those without scheduled meetings, a bit of patience was required to access the right individuals.

B2B Hotel Conference Spain

FITUR Insights and Learnings

  • Strategic Networking on B2B hotel conference Spain

FITUR proved to be more than an exhibition; it was a nexus for meaningful connections. Navigating through the bustle, we realized the value of strategic networking and the professionalism that defined every encounter.

  • Global Business Synergy

The event showcased the synergy of global businesses, fostering an environment where ideas collided, collaborations sparked, and the industry’s pulse resonated through the venue.

  • The Spanish Influence

Acknowledging the logical dominance of Spanish participants, we delved into the intricacies of the local market, gaining insights that go beyond the conventional business exchanges.

B2B Hotel Conference Spain fitur conference

Why FITUR Matters

Connectivity and Professionalism

FITUR isn’t merely an exhibition; it’s a realm where connectivity and professionalism converge. Our experience underscored the significance of attending such conferences in shaping the trajectory of our business.


The Value of FITUR

Attending FITUR 2024 was an investment that yielded invaluable returns. The connections made, the trends observed, and the professionalism encountered reaffirmed the importance of such conferences in our industry.

Plan Your Next Move 

As we reflect on our experience, we encourage fellow industry players to consider FITUR in their plans. It’s not just a conference; it’s a strategic platform where connections flourish and professionalism takes center stage.

In conclusion, Click and Book‘s journey at FITUR 2024 was a testament to the thriving landscape of the B2B hotel industry in Spain. As we forge ahead, the connections made and lessons learned will undoubtedly shape our path in the dynamic world of hospitality.