Introduction to Emitt: A Showcase of Turkish Tourism

Welcome to Emitt, the ultimate platform for experiencing the wonders of tourism in Turkey. Emitt stands as a testament to Turkey’s rich cultural heritage and diverse attractions.

An Iconic Event in Istanbul

The summit has been present in Istanbul’s tourism landscape for 27 years, drawing participants and attendees from around the world. With an impressive turnout of over 600 exhibitors and about 30,000 individuals, the summit stands out as a major influence in promoting tourism in Turkey.

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The richness of the tourism in Turkey

Turkey offers a vast array of experiences, from ancient historical sites to inspiring natural landscapes. Its cultural heritage and distinct attractions appeal to travelers.

1. An Expression of Turkish Hospitality

Visitors to the summit are immersed in renowned Turkish hospitality. This is something that is deeply ingrained in Turkish culture, as shown in the warmth and hospitality extended to guests at the exhibition as well as in hotels and eateries.

2. Connecting Continents and Cultures

Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a mix of cultures and continents. Its architecture, cuisine, and customs reflect the country’s geographical diversity.

3. A Hub of Networking and Partnership

The summit provides a fertile ground for networking and collaboration among industry professionals. Whether you’re seeking new partnerships or exploring business opportunities, Emitt offers a conducive environment for growth.

4. Showcasing Turkey’s Tourism Potential

At the summit, exhibitors showcase Turkey’s tourism potential across various sectors, including cultural tourism, adventure travel, and luxury experiences. From historic landmarks to idyllic seaside resorts, the summit highlights the best of what Turkey has to offer.

emmit tourism in turkey

A Place for Hotel Partnerships

For hoteliers, the summit offers a unique opportunity to connect with potential partners and enhance their visibility in the market. If you connect and meet with Click and Book Travel, we can provide avenues for hotels to increase their sales and reach a broader audience.

Enhancing Hotel Visibility and Sales

Hotels that partner with Click and Book Travel can increase their visibility and bookings. Hotels may increase their sales potential and stay ahead of the competition by implementing specialized marketing strategies and receiving expert help.

Conclusion: Start your Turkish adventure

As Emitt closes, we offer you an incredible tour through Turkey. Turkey, with its rich history, landscapes, and legendary hospitality, provides travelers with an enriching cultural experience. Contact Click and Book Travel and let us connect your hotel with more visitors in Turkey.

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